I remain in good spirits when positive energy surrounds me

mindset and goals Mar 30, 2021
This is apart of my why. My beautiful daughter and new granddaughter.

I enjoy every moment of my life. It is important for me to be in good spirits. I am able to enjoy the special moments in my life because I surround myself with positive energy. Even when I encounter negativity, I discover the positive aspects hidden within. When I convert negative situations into positive ones, I feel at peace. I discuss ways to initiate positive changes when I am with others. I actively participate in activities that produce encouraging results. I am a happy person, and I attempt to spread my joy to those around me. I surround myself with others who also have a positive outlook on life. If there is a matter of contention in my household, I actively work at resolving it. It is important for me to confront issues quickly and directly and not hold them in. I realize that my family appreciates my direct approach now before I would hold things in.  Now that I speak up when things that matter are resolved, I am at peace with the outcome. I am reassured that my approach serves a greater purpose. I recognize the importance of having contentment within my life. My goal is to share healthy and happy relationships with my family and friends and those that are ready to build a healthy new Godly relationship. I am humbled when I can bring about positive changes in the lives of others. Today, I commit to maintaining an optimistic outlook on life. All my choices and decisions are geared towards the positive path I have chosen. Being in good spirits is important to me. What about you?

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